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Why Support Us?

We aim to provide information, resources and support to a population of people who have a lot of needs and concerns that often make it challenging for them to know what they need to do next.

Our clients are adults who meet any of the following criteria:

New Career Vision
Career Transition Resource Center

Holistically empowering individuals with information, resources and support
to achieve their education and career dreams
The Need:
Over 15 years of professional experience has shown that many of these people: don't know what to do, how to do it, and/or become overwhelmed with the challenges they face when they try.  In addition, many are dealing with issues of fear, grief, hopelessness, major life transitions, an inability to meet basic needs, conflicting priorities, and other emotional or spiritual issues that distract them from doing what they need to do on a daily basis. Unfortunately, by the time some of these people actually ask for help, they may be in crisis and therefore may not be in a position to pay for professional services.
Our Short-Term Financial Support Goals:
We are a new entity birthed from the current economic situation.  Our primary start-up goals are two-fold:

1) Provide professional consultants our clients need most:

2) Client Incentive Program: To either fund the gift-card incentive program, or to provide actual gift cards (in $10 or $25 denominations) for major retailers (Wal-Mart and Target), gasoline, and/or restaurants.
Individuals who are in survival mode will respond most to offers to help meet their basic needs. We will refer to social services and other community resources as appropriate. The gift card incentive program is designed to help clients meet needs that are not addressed through other means.