Resource Providers
Do You Provide Resources Our Clients Might Need?
We welcome an opportunity to partner with professionals and institutions in various fields who offer information, resources and support that is consistent with our mission, purpose and values to our clients.

New Career Vision
Career Transition Resource Center

Holistically empowering individuals with information, resources and support
to achieve their education and career dreams
Client Needs:
We are holistic in addressing our clients' needs because often people attempt to make education, career, and job-search decisions based things such as financial, family life, emotional, spiritual, medical, housing needs.
If you:

Then please contact Kathleen High directly to see if we can partner together.
Resource Needs:
Our clients' needs will differ based on the individual's unique situation. However, they often will need help with any combination of the following issues:
Types of Resource Providers:
We are willing offer referrals as appropriate to a variety of resource providers, including: